Thursday, April 2

Spring Sheep Special

Something to tide you over until Friday.  Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you baby sheep.


Saturday, March 21

Outtake #2 Tim and Kim WYAB FM 3-20-15

Outtake #1 Tim and Kim Wade WYAB FM 3-20-15

Wednesday, March 18

Songs of the South

Friday, February 13

Here We Go Again

Bandit Onboard with me for the Long Haul
I've decided to do a little more blogging over here at the location of one of my original blog hangouts. I switched to Wordpress as my main blogging platform years ago because of some content management feature I adored at the time that I am sure is now available on Blogger as well.  I'm in the process of trying to monetize my Blogger web content which is something I have never done in the past but was something I made a promise to my late wife to attempt to try and accomplish.

In that spirit, I just submitted my monetization request for YouTube which I anticipate will go a lot more smoothly than my request for monetization on this Blogger site did.  My original request to Google for TimTalk monetization was denied due to lack of written content here on this blog. This is something that I can attend to with no problem at all.  I'm not sure how I'll integrate all my other online content at this point.  I'm going to keep my wordpress blog as well as my stable of other Google blogs and will figure a way to mix and match with all my other social sites (Instagram,Twitter,Yelp, e.g. etc.) as time goes by.

I'll be testing the limits of this blogging platform in regards to Blogger's app integration to see if it will be something that is easy to use on my iPad (mini).   At this point I expect this site to be a little more dynamic than my wordpress site (which probably averages about one update per week depending on my mood).  There's a lot happening in my world right now as I adjust to life without my lifelong spouse and try and re-establish myself on American soil after a five year hiatus abroad.  I've got big plans on tiny home living as well as a major relocation coming up as soon as I can get the stars aligned.  I look forward to many of you riding shotgun with me on my adventures though my various social media offerings.


Wednesday, January 28

A Million Horny Frogs

Sunday, October 19

Cafe Mix - Enschede NL