Wednesday, May 29

Women dies after having cosmetic surgery A woman who had breast augmentation and liposuction died of complications due to blood clotting following the cosmetic surgery, coroner's officials said.
Maryellen Fluery, 44, of Santa Ana died Monday, three days after she went into her doctor's office for breast enhancements and liposuction. It was ruled a natural death by the coroner, said Jon Fleischman, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner's office.
I'm not exactly sure that 'natural death' applies here.

Friday, May 24

Evildoers In The Hood / Another batch of fresh terrorist warnings from the government, and you without your skepticism Just when you might be beginning to question their maneuvers and motivations and rather sinister levels of secrecy, their lack of discernable results in this war-that's-not-really-a-war because there are no actual results to be had except the ongoing promulgation of, yes, more war.
Too cynical? Too bitter? Don't want to think our government might actually be capable of such deceit and manipulation, of manufacturing rumors and strategically fabricating news stories and making it sound like if you don't blindly endorse every carefully constructed pro-war blurb muttered by Ari Fleischer or Rummy, the terrorists will surely break down your door any minute now and steal all your ice cream and sodomize your cat?

Thursday, May 23

Color Them Fatalistic Mr. Ridge offers five colors to warn against infiltrations. (This being Washington, officials hotly debated including white in the terror pinwheel, but decided against it, perhaps fearing it would look like a white flag.)
I think it would be far more useful, however, if we had a wheel with five colors to warn against incompetence.
Holy heather: At this level, John Ashcroft stays so busy whiting out lines of the Constitution, diluting Justice's civil rights division, lionizing the Second Amendment and robing naked statues that he forgets to give the president a detailed F.B.I. memo describing the time and place of the next terrorist attack.

Monday, May 20

Yahoo! News - GEORGE W. BUSH, ATTEMPTED MURDERER "We had information," an anonymous Pentagon (news - web sites) official told The New York Times' Thomas Shanker, "that he was planning attacks on American and coalition forces, on the interim government and on [interim president Hamid] Karzai himself."
You and I, faced with such information, might have had Hekmatyar picked up for questioning. We might put him and his pals on trial for conspiracy and, if he were found guilty, thrown in prison. But the guys in the White House aren't like us. They're gangsters. Gangsters are above the law. Gangsters don't bother with judges and juries. They pay off judges; they have their enemies whacked.
And so your illegitimate gangster government, less than a month after it attempted to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Venezuela, sent up one of those unmanned Predator drone planes. Some dude punched a button on an iMac at an undisclosed location in the Virginia suburbs and fired a Hellfire missile at Hekmatyar's car convoy on a road just outside Kabul. "I believe some others were killed in the strike, but the target escaped," an unnamed U.S. official told Reuters. Hekmatyar's spokesman and son-in-law Ghairat Baheer in Islamabad said: "He is in Afghanistan...but there was no attack."
Radio Crow's Radio & TV News A report that Limbaugh had lost his hearing generated press for his program but failed to increase ratings.
Limbaugh dropped the deafness act when investigators began searching for his operation records and logs of hospital stays.
The investigations turned up records of minor plastic surgery and a liposuction procedure. (5/8)
Buzz Flash I know now the media propaganda machine will spin its wheels off and cast aside its integrity for the almighty dollar. Look at the spin today - “It was Clinton’s fault” or how about “What did the Democrats Know?” What a sham! Wasn’t it the REPUBLICANS who held both houses of Congress from 1996 until Jeffords saved America? What the blue blazes were they doing? Let me refresh your memory. They were impeaching Clinton, spending our tax dollars worrying and wondering where Big Dog’s big dog had been. Oh yes, and what about the endless hours of prattle about Gary Condit’s little dog and where it had been? I believe there is an appropriate psychological term for this, but it escapes me right now

Tuesday, May 14

Five killed, four kids, on I-80 east of Reno RENO, Nev. (AP) -- A California firefighter suspected of drunken driving was jailed Tuesday after the car he was driving the wrong way on Interstate 80 slammed into a van, killing five people, four of them children.
Eight family members were in the van when the head-on crash occurred around 8:45 p.m. Monday near Wadsworth, about 20 miles east of Reno.
Thankfully, the man wasn't doing any illegal drugs. One can only imagine the damage he might have done otherwise.

Tuesday, May 7

'Smoking gun' Enron memos / 'Death Star,' 'Get Shorty' strategies show how firm manipulated energy to state in attempt to boost profits A state senator who has spent a year investigating the energy crisis called the documents "tremendous" proof that California's power debacle had been caused by companies looking to make money and not by energy shortages.
"The veneer has been broken," said Sen. Joseph Dunn, D-Santa Ana.
Don't foget all those 'free market' Republicans who were busy trying to slander Gov. Davis during this whole sordid affair. If I had a nickel for every right wing loonie that put the blame of California politics I'd be able to afford the inflated gasoline they're peddling now.