Friday, March 13

Storm Trooper Shoots Unarmed Kid

Paramilitary force against an unarmed college student smoking dope in his apartment. Free the weed. Stop the hate. Regulate.

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Friends of Grand Valley student Derek Copp, shot by police in Campus View Apartments, accuse officers of overreacting

ALLENDALE TOWNSHIP -- Friends of Derek Copp cannot comprehend how he would pose a threat during a police raid of his Campus View apartment late Wednesday, or why a deputy shot and wounded an unarmed Copp.

"Nobody wants to think those in the criminal justice system are shooting unarmed college students," said Laura Quist, a 19-year-old Grand Valley State University sophomore who lives in an opposite hallway from Copp, 20.

Friends described Copp as an easygoing, guitar-playing young man.

Students today continue to question what happened after five officers with the West Michigan Enforcement Team, a regional drug unit, executed a drug-related search warrant on Copp's apartment. Copp, a film and video major, was shot in the upper right chest area with a Glock handgun after police came through a back glass slider door.

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Thursday, March 12

Cops For Pot

This will undoubtedly free the rest of the police and criminal justice system to tell the truth about the abuse of power created by outlawing the most amazing medicinal and industrial plant in the history of man. The emperor is naked.

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Sergeant Fired After Criticizing "War on Drugs," Now Reinstated
SEATTLE, WA -- A Mountlake Terrace police sergeant who was fired after publicly criticizing the "war on drugs" has reached an $812,500 settlement in a lawsuit he filed against the city and police department, among others.
“In an open society, people on the front lines of the criminal justice system have an ethical duty to speak out on controversial social and legal issues that affect the public we serve," said Sgt. Wender, a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a 10,000-strong organization representing police, prosecutors, judges and others who fought on the front lines of the "war on drugs" and who now want to legalize and regulate drugs. "The public has a fundamental right to know which laws and policies are effective, and which ones aren’t; and they should expect that their police officers will speak the truth even when it isn’t popular or comfortable to do so.
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