Tuesday, January 27

You Don't Say?

This is just starting to get good.

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UN official: Enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for war crimes
Monday, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak told CNN's Rick Sanchez that the US has an "obligation" to investigate whether Bush administration officials ordered torture, adding that he believes that there is already enough evidence to prosecute former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

"We have clear evidence," he said. "In our report that we sent to the United Nations, we made it clear that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld clearly authorized torture methods and he was told at that time by Alberto Mora, the legal council of the Navy, 'Mr. Secretary, what you are actual ordering here amounts to torture.' So, there we have the clear evidence that Mr. Rumsfeld knew what he was doing but, nevertheless, he ordered torture."
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Sunday, January 25

Another Drug Related Death?

Not from overdose, but from improper sale and distribution, and the issues that result when dealing in such contraband.
Doesn't have to be this way. Pot should be legalized and sold through proper channels. It's all about harm reduction. Why are we at war with a plant that, by it's own devices, harms no one? Obama, are you listening?

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Suspect In Custody In Danville Teen Pot Slaying

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 – updated: 11:01 pm PST January 23,

olice arrested a 15-year-old boy in Oakland early Friday morning in connection with the fatal shooting of Danville resident Rylan Fuchs on Tuesday night, the local police chief announced at a news conference.

Fuchs, who would have graduated from San Ramon Valley High School in June, was shot once in the neck on the front porch of his family's home in the 1000 block of El Captain Drive at about 9:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The 17-year-old student died at John Muir Medical Center early Wednesday morning, Contra Costa County sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said.
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Wednesday, January 21

Torture Enthusiasts Sweating

Let's get the facts on who did what before we decide who will be held accountable. This isn't the first time that a country has been held accountable for war crimes. There are precedents and I suggest we use them.


GOPers, Worried About Torture Prosecutions, Delay Holder Vote

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary committee are delaying for up to a week a vote on Eric Holder's nomination to be Attorney General, with some saying they want more time to consider his record on torture.

John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, told Politico:

Part of my concern relates to his statements at the hearing with regard to torture and what his intentions are toward our intelligence personnel who were operating in good faith based on their understanding of what the law was.

Holder declared last week at the hearing that "water-boarding is torture."

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Wednesday, January 14

Shave Your Cat, Make A Sweater: Sustainable Clothing Gone Too Far? (VIDEO)

If you've got time to watch a video on shaving your cat to make a sweater, you have no frickin' excuse not to participate in my latest poll offering.

I've got a new poll over at my website. The first one I did on Why God Abandoned Sarah Palin was extremely well received. I hope you enjoy this little trip back down memory lane as well....

Flashback to the Sixties


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Audience Atomization Overcome: Why the Net Erodes the Authority of the Press

Boy, that's a whole lotta graph and copy to explain that we are being fed a line of bullshit from people who are in the same TAX BRACKET as Bernie Madoff.

The blogosphere has been more accurate and representative of American viewpoints since about start of the Iraq war.

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Monday, January 12

Maybe, Going Forward, We Should Just Let Bernie Madoff Off?

We don't need the kind of people in our government who would approve, coverup or use torture. I have no problem with prosecuting ANYONE associated with the torture of toddler's testicles.

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Wednesday, January 7

"It's time for Congress to rejuvenate
the sexual appetite of America."
Larry Flynt.

Priceless. Flynt is a true icon of free
thought and has a brilliant talent for
subversive stunts that illuminate the
hypocrisy of our era.

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