Thursday, December 7

What Would You Do - What Should You Do?

By now, most of the world is probably aware of the death of James Kim, who died of exposure in an heroic attempt to save his family. What's even more tragic is that it looks like if he'd stayed put he would have been fine. On the other extreme we have DeWitt Finley, who died in a similar circumstance:


Back in 1995 a salesman named DeWitt Finley was trapped on that same road. He got his truck into a drift and realized he wasn't going to get it out. Finley, a healthy man of 56, probably could have walked out pretty easily.

But he was a believer. Finley was convinced that God would save him. For nine weeks he sat in his truck, meticulously marking off the days, and writing in his diary.

In the spring they found his body. He'd starved to death in his truck.


I'd take a middle position of staying with the vehicle, WHILE burning the tires, etc to stay warm and attract attention . It cannot be overlooked that what led to the rescue of mom and kids was a PING from her cell phone.