Wednesday, January 10 Politics | New Jersey's Whitman employed aliens too Christie Whitman, President-elect Bush's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, acknowledged seven years ago that she had provided housing and money to an illegal alien couple.
Timslantz - Looks like the upscale noblesse of both parties are getting caught up in their use of cheap (and still technically illegal) immigrant labor. The issue of illegal immigration has been discussed over more than one lunch at El Charro as we struggled to 'comprehende' with the waiters. The issue is truly a local one for the folks around Jackson. An immigration checkpoint set up outside Clinton netted an impressive number of illegal aliens moving along Interstate 20. It is the position of The Times that the savings gained in the use of cheap and illegal labor is lost when compared to the added burden on our social and legal services. It is in our own best interests to enforce these laws. We at The Times promise that should we ever hit the big time we will only use documented tax paying AMERICAN labor. Until then, I'm mowing my own lawn.

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