Thursday, November 29

Calendar Live - Is This Seat Worth $14? Is This Seat Worth $14?
L.A. moviegoers have a new option: The "upscale cinema." Writer Jon Burlingame tries out the Bridge at Howard Hughes Center.

By JON BURLINGAME, Special to The Times

They're called Director's Halls at the Bridge: Cinema de Lux, and they are the ne plus ultra of L.A. moviegoing: Roomy leather seats, stadium seating, reservations required, assigned seating, ushers who don't just clean up the popcorn after every show but escort you to your seats.
Of course, it's not cheap. Top ticket on weekends is $14, but to a certain segment of the audience, it's worth it. Plus the snack bars serve frozen cappuccino, personal pizzas and boneless hot wings. There's even a lounge where alcohol and sandwiches are served before, during and after the movie.
What, no caviar. I'm outraged!!

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