Monday, June 7

More violent patients are going to Laguna Honda: "Budget cuts and overcrowding at San Francisco General Hospital are forcing Laguna Honda -- the city's lone public nursing home -- to start taking in younger and possibly even violent patients.

The issue was highlighted a few days back when a 25-year-old man suspected of being a gang member, using a wheelchair and living at Laguna Honda, rolled into the TV room and changed the channel on a Giants game that a 50-year-old disabled patient was watching.

Words were exchanged, and according to a sheriff's report, the ganger suspect threatened to call his buddies and have the older patient beaten up.

Some 15 minutes later, two rather large buddies did allegedly show up.
Maybe if we cut taxes back just a little bit more we can have the day care facilities involved here too! Old person's home, gang banger rehab and day care. To Bush and his cronies, it would just be another TRIFECTA!

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