Wednesday, June 9

Whiskey Bar: Praise the Lord and Pass the Thumbscrews: "Praise the Lord and Pass the Thumbscrews
It's been pointed out to me (tip of the hat to Bernhard H.) that the team of lawyers who wrote the Pentagon's treatise on presidential torture powers was led by this woman:
U.S. Air Force's General Counsel, Mary L. Walker, discusses what it takes to leave a legacy of significance
Ms. Walker, it turns out, is a long-time Republican political appointee first brought to Washington during the Reagan administration to help oversee the looting of America's natural resources, um, that is, I mean, to serve as principal deputy in the environmental division at Ed Meese's Justice Department."
Turns out this torture report is headed by yet ANOTHER CHRISTIAN LUNATIC bent on a return to the era of the Spanish Inquisition! Where are my many MAINSTREAM Christian friends? Can we truly hold the mainstream Muslims liable for the actions of their LUNATIC FRINGE if we can't even keep OURS in check?

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